This is the place where I will adopt my next dog from. They were having a fund raiser out side that involved a "sale" to raise money for the animals. Please help support their efforts at any time. We will be back to visit this Rescue Center and to help. Appreciate all of your hard work and Effort into helping all of the Animals!”

Darlene Bullock


We had an amazing experience at Tri-County. All staff members were extremely helpful, especially Jackie! She helped us find our perfect new family member! He brings us so much joy. Thank you Tri-County.

Marni Larkin

So grateful for Tri-County for bringing Rico(formerly known as bitcoin) to our lives. We are just about a week in and our boy has already brought joy to our home. We highly recommend this place!

Jamez Leslie Wallace III

the workers and volunteers are passionate about the animals. I've seen workers/ volunteers sit patiently in a run or a room to give love, attention and affection especially to those who are frightened. I've seen workers sleep over night to take care of the sick, or stay thru hurricanes. Even though these animals are in shelter, they receive love and compassion💜🐾

Doreen Franz

I want to thank Tri-County animal rescue for their help today. I recently found a 5 week old kitten all alone outside my work. Although I would of loved to keep her and give her a forever home where I know she would of been safe with me, unfortunately with my living conditions I was unable. When I arrived at the rescue I could see and hear all of the employees working their hardest to ensure these animals get the help they need and forever homes. I would like to give thanks to the blonde young lady that works at the rescue facility that pulled some strings to ensure my kitten would be okay and even found a foster family to provide for her before I left! There is nothing that breaks my heart more than animals in need with no one to provide for them. I appreciate Tri-County’s help, people who donate, and foster families. Please consider adopt over shop these animals need homes too!!!

Rachel Laborte

They're the best!!! We just adopted Simba and they helped with everything and more!!! Vladimir was awesome!!! Thank u guys!!!

Tatiana Quattrone Lessa

Adopted our furry baby, Lucy, (known as Ipanema at tricounty) almost 10 years ago. She has been the best addition to our family and is spoiled rotten! She is the smartest dog we have ever owned. She's lost her hearing and moves a lot slower now but is as loyal and loving as ever!

Stephanie Greene

I stopped in the other weekend just to see the pets and I enjoyed meeting all the pets. The caretakers were all so involved with the cats and dogs and the love and respect was so beautiful to feel . Tri county animal rescue is a rescue with a heart.

louann strandburg

The folks at Tri County Animal Rescue are FANTASTIC!!! They truly care about the animals and people they serve. They will work with you to find the right pet for you.

Janie Just Janie

Wonderful shelter! Got my Boo from them and they were very thorough without being ridiculous during the adoption process.

Ambur Ames

Great place to adopt a pet from. Friendly staff, kennels clean, animals have beds, food, water and dog runs plus a outside are to play in. Friendly staff

Sandy Duncan



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